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Genuine Parts



Kamov and Mil civil helicopters are some of the safest aircrafts of their kind in the world. When properly operated and maintained and serviced according to schedule, accidents and unexpected downtimes – and all the resulting losses - can easily be avoided.
We are committed to only using genuine parts for helicopters and ground equipment.

Original parts offer the following benefits:

  • Quality and long lifespan;
  • Manufacturer warranty;
  • Standardized technical specification that facilitates planning of repair or replacement for a specific part.

Our company has long-standing, close partnerships with key manufacturers of spares for Kamov and Mil helicopters. We guarantee our customers high quality and fast turnaround service on parts and components to any part of the world (excluding embargoed countries). We handle all customs clearance procedures.


Nuestro programa Trade-in

Nuestro programa Trade-in es una forma rápida y conveniente para sustituir componentes dañados por nuevos u overhauleados con vida útil y tiempo entre overhauls (TBO) necesarios.

El trabajo bien coordinado de nuestro equipo de alta calificación y nuestros almacenes que siempre mantenemos llenos de partes y componentes nos ayudan a realizar suministros en tiempo mínimo. También ofrecemos servicio de mantenimiento y atención post-venta de componentes y agregados suministrados.

What should you do with an expensive but broken helicopter part? Should you wait until it is repaired or purchase a new one? Either option entails additional expenses with high price tags.
Waiting on repairs can mean unscheduled downtime expenses.
Buying a new part while storing a repaired one will almost always result in serious costs.

We offer a solution that helps to avoid simply choosing the lesser of two evils. First, our specialists will assess the wear rate and reparability of a broken part.

Two options are available afterwards:

  • We can provide an equivalent part so that you can get your helicopter back in the air while your part is out of service;
  • We can also buy the old part at its residual price while you purchase a new one, only paying the difference in price.

Our trade-in program helps our customers to save time and money. Now there is no need to pay for urgent repair and calculate downtime losses, nor to budget for storage of repaired components.
Our specialists will be happy to help you minimize the cost of the replacement of a helicopter part.

Inspection Services


Repair may end up costing more than a new component or part. When is it no longer cost-effective to maintain and repair an old part?

AMIS (FZE) professionals understand the design and life cycle of each of Kamov and Mil helicopter, allowing us to nables us to provide the most accurate technical audit of the helicopter fleet.

Our specialists will work with you to help you determine:
  • Whether it is still reasonable to maintain and repair an old helicopter;
  • What new aircraft is the best for your particular needs;
  • What components and parts need to be serviced or replaced soon;
  • What type and number of spare parts you need to purchase;
  • The best planning, provisioning, replacement, repair, and overhaul schedule.

We can offer one-time fleet inspection and assessment, although most of our clients prefer longer-term relationships. Regular fleet inspection and testing helps to prevent unforeseen breakdowns and avoid significant expenses for urgent repair.

MRO Services

Servicios de MRR: mantenimiento, reparación y revisión

Since 2009 the company AMIS (FZE) delivers reliable parts for Russian civil helicopters Mil and Kamov family. Despite the fact that the head office is located in Sharjah, ( United Arab Emirates ) , civil spare parts and service works are carried out in any region: South and Latin America, Asia, Africa, Europe, India and China. 

There are many other countries that use the best russian helicopters  Mil and Kamov families for civilian purposes.

Why heli owners choose AMIS (FZE)? 

Although there is enough companies in the world that sell and provide service works for civil helicopters, such as: bellhelicopter, sikorsky, airbus, boeing, rotorway, robinson, leonardo, sud-aviation, helisport, cicaré, agustawestland, russianhelicopters, helimart, klimov, motorsich, aérospatiale, ebay. 

Competent and powerful companies always find more flexible and convenient civil spare parts supply options.

Eminent brands and large companies constantly care about pilots life and helicopters serviceability. AMIS (FZE) company can offer more attractive opportunities for diagnosis and repair of your ‘heli-dream’ , with original civil spare parts for the - MI-8 (MI8), MI-17 (MI17) and KA-32 (KA32).

Used Helicopters for sale 

The special place where there is demand for civil spare parts - this is a ‘heli-dream’s  market of secondary sales. Low prices always attract attention of experienced pilots and service companies as well as companies engaged in cargo delivery and the provision of tourist helicopter rental services.

Everybody is interested in win2win purchasing original and high-quality parts win2win, so that helicopters could fly in safety  and for a long time. Usually when evaluating ( helicopter price )  qualified experts are invited to assess the model acquired state  and helicopter costs modernization  helicopter, for implement safe piloting and execution of assigned tasks..

They fly where it is dangerous 

They fly high in the mountains, in a dusty desert, in the coastal ocean with strong monsoon winds and in dense urban areas. The heart of the helicopter is engine,it must operate without interruption to ensure safety  piloting. Our deal -  helicopter reliable work of all technical components. This strategy gives the pilot and crew additional chances to perform the most difficult maneuver cycle and objectives: helicopter, cargo and people safety from accident.

The main components that affect flight safety:

Aviation engine (turbine engines motorich, klam engines) -  TV3-117 VM 
Helicopter Swashplate -  8-1950-000
Main (heli Rotor Blades) - 8АТ-2710-00
Tail Rotor mi-8 mi17 - 8-3904-000,
Tail Rotor Blades, parts for mi17 -  246-3904-000,
Auxiliary power unit (APUs) - AI -9 V -1
Main gearbox (rmskie engine, red okt) - VR -14

We offer quality civil spare parts for overhaul and repair. The company also offers a service repair, helilicopter leasing MI-8 (MI8), MI-17 (MI17) and KA-32 (KA32), helicopters and airfields civil spare part equipment coordination supply, including Trade-in.

Spare parts and overhaul marketing competition supply

Proposals of used helicopter for sale,  and purchase can be found on the Internet for a few seconds on such resources as: pinterest, google, youtube, facebook, twitter, amazon, reddit, as well as in other industry and specialized directories. Helicopter - is not a toy to be bought on such resources as alibaba and ebay .

The market is full of proposals for purchase and sale of civil spare parts from such well-known companies: airbus, boeing, robinson, leonardo, helisport, cicaré, agustawestland, russianhelicopters , but even such well-known companies sometimes are not able to supply millions of civil spare parts and units in various regions of the world. Americans, Russians, French, Italians, Argentines and Germans offer civil spare parts, but many are simply not available for older models of the “heli dream”. 

Flight price and pilot life

The price of piloting safety and performing assigned tasks is the first and main factor in the selection of partners for the supply and maintenance of helicopters. Unfortunately, many pilots pay for this truth with their own lives and helicopter`s crash. To avoid a accident (accident), we are ready to offer options for mutually beneficial cooperation at the best prices for civil spare parts with a guarantee of products originality for repair MI-8 (MI8), MI-17 (MI17) and KA-32 (KA32).

Experience and professionalism

Works are performed by qualified specialists with experienced in aviation and helicopter area technology. We are ready to cooperate and are confident that cooperation will allow us to rise higher and higher together to the Top of stability and quality. Together to the Top.

Do you dream of flying?

Millions of years ago there were only clouds in the air, then dinosaurs appeared, and then birds mastered the flights, but people still tried and tried to conquer the Air Ocean. In the 15th century, Leonardo da Vinci described the first helicopter concept. Many centuries passed to make his dream come true. In the 21st century we are ready to provide safe flights for your silver dream.

   Any civil aviation spare part you need can fly all over the world.

The main regions of civil spare parts supply (spare parts) are countries: USA, Canada, India, China, Africa, Angola, Bolivia, Brazil, Vietnam, Egypt, Indonesia, Kombodzha, Laos, Mexico, Malaysia, Peru, Singapore, Turkey, Uganda , Ecuador, South Africa, (and AZ, DE, KR, LT, PK, CN, CA, UK, AE, AU, SL, BG, RU, KZ, UA). 

Feedback form: telephone. +97165579420

Having professionals handle your overhaul is much easier than filing claims later. Our clients prefer to entrust us with the supervision of their helicopter overhauls.

Benefits of this approach:

  • AMIS ( FZE) works with repair companies based in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Azerbaijan;
  • We know the specialisation of each plant and can advise on the best place to deal with a specific issue;
  • We supervise both the quality and the terms of the overhaul;
  • We can also come to you to provide on-site repair where needed.


Our company is always ready to help customers with excellent ideas that face steep and prohibitive capital outlays. Where up-front capital investment may be daunting or prohibitive, a leasing agreement may be the perfect option.

You’ll be able to get your new helicopter in the air while paying in instalments. We design custom repayment schedules to meet customer budget and preference.